These truly are the dark ages.

On one hand we have the so called “greatest country in the world” in a tizzy because some football players would only kneel in respect for the American Flag while they play the National Anthem and on the other we have “the greatest country in the world” threatening a mom who refuses to let doctors shove medical concoctions up the veins of her beautiful child who is facing going to jail if she doesn’t comply with her country. UPDATE: 10/5/17 – She was sentenced to jail. That sounds pretty bad. That’s enough to scare any mom into compliance but there’s a lot of headlines that leave out that it was only 7 days. Gives her a chance to “reflect on her wrong doing” and then write a book about the horrors of our country and make a truckload of cash which of course is illegal to carry in your car anymore.

One day people will wake up, but not most of those living today, only small handfuls.

People are too stupid. Not you of course.

National flag anthem protests aren’t exactly new but people get bored and have to complain about something.

An the dick cutting continues. UPDATE: 10/5/17 – And no Jewish doctor has gone to jail yet for cutting off a part of boys penises.

Feature image buring “American Flag” by Jennifer Parr

Image snapshot Google News September 30, 2017