Why on Mars would anyone want to inject the flu in order to not get the flu?

It’s sheer lunacy.

To inject the very thing you don’t want in order to develop “immunity” is a concept that belongs on the Moon.

Let’s take that concept to a new level, say to Uranus. To immunate the entire population of ever viral, bacterial, fungus caused disease we would inject 10,000 different things into our veins.

Black mold causes disease. Where are the black mold vaccines?

Hey ma, look, I’m getting a black mold vaccine, isn’t that great, they inject the mold so my body reacts. It’s like if government was to release the criminals from all the prisons to infect our towns with violence, theft, and mayhem, in order to get us prepared in case it happens.

Makes perfect percents.

Oh they say it’s not a live strain. So it’s what, a dead one?

Are they saying my body is so stupid that it will not be able to tell the difference between a live and dead virus?

My body is not that dumb.

All viruses are dead anyway. They are not living things.

Who tell$ u$ thi$ $tuff.

Feature image By Jorge Stolfi iThe source code of this SVG is invalid due to 11 errors, caused from superfluous hyphens. (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons and shows the Cartesian coordinate system method of coordinating space which could be used to diagram what goes on inside the mind of humans when they adopt concepts that are from other worlds

Image snapshot of Google News on October 1, 2017