Tattoo Pigment–Induced Granulomatous Lymphadenopathy Mimicking Lymphoma

Notice that like with how they leave out the “D” in “HIV” I left out the “I”. Pigment-Induced is like Immuno-Deficiency.

In the acronym HIV they leave out the D.

In the acronym AIDS they add the D.

The article on this is fascinating in the theme of mimicking.

I think that cellular shit is “mimickiing” what they think is AKV (A Killer Virus) when those who grasped onto the HIV concept ran with it.

Fear and terror presented by experts is a funny thing, it can get people to do all sorts of things. Doubt this, just watch an espionage movie and since it’s in moving pictures it’s true, just like how when they showed us an image of cellular shit, I mean HIV (same/thing) after years of not seeing anything, got us to believe it to be real shit.

The thing about TPGLML that is interesting is that like HIV we have a situation where things are presenting themselves as a certain thing when they are merely mimicking.

Viral causation of complex diseases is a ridiculous assertion just as claiming that a tattoo causes TPGLML. Well actually it does.

Yes I know that makes no sense. That is the point.

Intimacy is the point of any thing that pricks.

Feature image is of a Nazi concentration camp which routinely tattooed it’s members. It reminds me of today’s LGBT (Longstanding Gay Blood Tyranny) and is By Air Force photo by Rudy Purificato [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Image of tattoo being intimately applied by a sailor to another sailor is By Lt. Comdr. Charles Fenno Jacobs (1904-1975) for the U.S. Navy [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons