I noticed today that in Palm Springs there is a “Gay Desert Guide”.

Palm Springs is a wonderful place. Guides are great things. And being gay is too close to call as it still needs a hundred or two more years behind it but one thing for sure, they are not calling it a “LGTB Desert Guide”.

Gay is the term. LBTGWOOF is not.

Gay has worked before and it can work again.

It can continue to work for everyone who’s alt.

ALT-qwerty can also work.

I clicked on links and none of them worked.

No one works in Palm Springs ~

(~ is the new way to express “kidding”)

In the early gays the publication had a big classified section.

The internet gobbled that up and fed it to that monster shopping site that lives in the jungle.

Feature image snapshot of Desert Daily Guide observed on October 10, 2017