Aldo is perplexed about Acronaming.

They call it HPV – Human (redundant term) Papilloma Virus. It could really just be PV or in this case P.

THE/H is unnecessary just like with HIV.

Take a look at the last headline from Reuters on the bottom. Bottoms get fucked.

They call it “Human Papillomavirus”. Where did the V go?

Oh I see it now, next to Waldo, they squish the P and V together into a gooey mess. They do this with lemons, those who know you don’t have to just make lemonade when life gives you fruit.

Doctors w/ brains and could careless about borders ask: “I will test you for P” or “Have you been tested for PV, being that you are obviously human there’s not need to call it HPV.”

Alas, the way the medical community labels CD (Cellular Debris) or V is like a builder labeling bricks. Think about it. Brick by brick they build their fortunes.

So now it’s become a man’s disease. How odd these sexist viruses are. Before it was a woman’s disease. HIV is basically a gay disease.

MD is a Medical Disease.

Aldo just barked.

Maybe I can use my CP  to find him.

Feature image OF/GOOEY butter cake that is squishy by Topher0128 and is in the public domain.

Image snapshot Google News on October 18, 2017 points out how the term HPV doesn’t match the term “human papillomavirus” any more than HIV matches “Human Immune DDDDDDficiency Virus”