L – Let’s
D – Destroy
P – Pipelines
G – Game

Most activism is stupid. Here’s another one.

snapshot from Twitter home page October 19, 2017

The game is called “gorgeous”.

So while these liberal retards waste energy playing their fun game of blow up pipelines** we will make some calculations on those devices that oil produced, all of which need oil to be delivered to stores and homes.

I mean like what are liberal retards and tards going to do to fix this “big bad oil problem”? Are they going to get these devices delivered by mosquito like HIV gets delivered?

Oh, they will use rickshaws and butterflies and unicorns of course!

Al Gore will hand deliver them with windmills that stop working whenever the air is calm.


The problem is, like how HIV masqueradez around like a cold and flu virus (because that’s all it is) oil pipelines are often mistaken for natural gas pipelines or ammonia pipelines. Blowing them up is not a game.

This same problem is what we have with HIV.

The expert retards in RETARDED/HIV science claim they can just drop nuclear bombs on the body and it will target HIV, as if it’s not going to blow up everything around it. It doesn’t even matter if the science can figure out which one is HIV, drugs are stupid nuclear cell bombs. They don’t dance a path around the good cells, everything gets hit like how everything got hit at Hiroshima.

Japan was targeted. HIV was targeted. Countless cell lives lost in both.

** retarded games don’t taken into account how oil pipelines save millions of lives each year from death by climate same.

Climate Same – the changing of the seasons which happens like clockwork

I study climate same and oil saves millions of lives each year from freezing to death due to season change which has never been caused by oil consumption, it keeps changing as it has for billions of years.

And yet we have people playing games that destroy them.

This is an ammonia pipeline. Image by Антон Оболенский (Azh7) (ru:File:Ammiakoprovod NS.jpg) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons

Feature image has been released into the public domain by its author, Jon Sullivan (PD Photo.org). This applies worldwide.