In holistic health (or whole-istic health) we look at the many varied functions and interactions of the body and what we put into it.

In the daily operations including repair of cells and cleaning of house things get stuck.

HIV causes TGSD – Things Getting Stuck Disease

Human I V’s are cellular debris. They “bud from the cell” like shit does out of your ass.

Sometimes that also gets stuck.

How do we unstuck things?

Drop nuclear bombs! That’s one way, with powerful “hit hard hit early annihilate everything in it’s path” drugs. It’s a method similar to bulldozing an entire home to rid it of pests.

We sometimes use chemicals to blow out the stuck mess in a pipe, but in that method the pipes are pretty strong, and we are not dealing with living things.

Other methods are using a snake to pushout the clog. With our bodies though that is done by movement of our muscles and cellular functions and fiber in the diet.

Eat beans every day for huge amounts of fiber.

So many in the world of virus hunting got stuck in the mistaken belief that stuck things can’t get unstuck. They say “once HIV enters your body you have it for life”. What a crock. It’s more like once the idea of HIV enters the brain, it’s there for life except when people use their brains, then these ideas get unstuck, and sent down the toilet the same way HIV does every day.

Sometimes I prefer getting medical advice from a plumber.

Feature image of a plumber’s snake, a bucket with tools, a man, walls, pipes, and clothes by Walter Siegmund and used with permission as per Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.