Only baseball players can carry baseballs.

That sounds absurd.

Well that’s the kind of statement that’s made when it comes to the wacky world of HIV.

They say that only humans can carry it.

Oh then there’s those non-human SMO’s (Sharp Metal Objects).

Non Human Syringes – dirty nasty ones – they can carry a virus because they are stronger because they get more iron obviously.

They say that mosquitoes can’t carry it but that’s like saying fans in the stadium can’t carry baseballs because they are not the one’s playing the game.

A virus is a virus, it can be carried by anything.

And remember it’s not a living thing.

A baby can carry a virus like it can carry a baseball.

In contrast, a big burly dude can carry a file cabinet whereas a baby cannot.

But viruses are a million billion times smaller than any mosquito so it’s not because the “virus is too big” which is what someone I was discussing all this with claimed.

Too big! That’s so ridiculous. That was his explanation as to why HIV isn’t transmitted by mosquitoes, and it was supposedly an official explanation.


Even a hawk can carry a baseball. The wind can as well if it’s strong enough. Are mosquitoes not strong enough to carry HIV because it’s too heavy?

That’s the logic coming from the CDC and those who follow their rules but it makes NO/SENSE.

Now if HIV was on a baseball then both baseball players and non-baseball players could carry HIV, obviously, they would be carriers.

Play ball.

Feature image is of a baseball that has had a lot of unsafe throw by Schyler