WTF – What’s The Future

HIV – Horrifically Incorrect Virology

What is the future of the Holocaust In Virology? Are we going to keep handing out condoms to mosquitoes hoping to stop the spread by carriers?

Are we going keep taking oral prophylactics which is basically like swallowing condoms?

PRePare your self.

Viruses are cell shit.

What do we do with shit that we want to get rid of, use chemical weapons to eliminate it?

That’s stupid but that’s what we do.

PrEP – Pre-exposure prophylaxis

Prophylaxis – “Preventive healthcare (alternately preventive medicine or prophylaxis) consists of measures taken for disease prevention, as opposed to disease treatment.” – Wikipedia

CDC says nothing about using that apple a day as a prophylaxis.

Feature image showing Hercules by User:Tetraktys (2006).

Hercules knew that an apple a day was better medicine than listening to mosquitoes brag about their condom use.