They claim the “plague” in Madagascar might mutate and become untreatable.

This makes no sense.

With the flu they say the virus constantly mutates and they have to change the flu vaccine formulation each year. They basically guess what the strain is going to be which is stupid but here’s what we have:


They claim HIV mutates also, constantly, which is how they explain why they cannot create a vaccine, and yet it keeps being treatable.


It’s all such bullshit.

Oh wait! Take a closer look at that 2nd headline, “Black Death plague scare”.

Black Death is caused by a bacteria. So now we have bacteria that mutates and can’t be treated?

Yersinia pestis is what the bacteria is called. It’s said to be transmitted by a flea that jumps off a rat’s back.


They say that wind can’t transmit it as if there is some magical unicorn property of fleas jumping whereas air can’t jump.

It’s said to cause -> the disease plague, which takes three main forms: pneumonic, septicemic, and bubonic plagues.[2][3][4]

Pneumonic??? That’s pneumonia-ic.

Pneumonia is said to be caused by a virus.


With pneumonic plague, the first signs of illness are fever, headache, weakness and rapidly developing pneumonia with shortness of breath, chest pain, cough and sometimes bloody or watery sputum.[5]

So they want us to rapidly believe that bacteria causes pneumonia? But it’s also stated that pneumonia is caused by viruses.

Pneumonia is usually caused by infection with viruses or bacteria and less commonly by other microorganisms, certain medications and conditions such as autoimmune diseases.[4][5]

Viruses or bacteria???

Contradictions are catchy!!!

Image snapshot from Google News aggregator featuring headline from Metro dated November 13, 2017

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References are caused by Wikipedia