Even the dead knew that.

At once a time upon NASA scientists they boldly proclaimed they thought there was water on Mars based on the images they get from deserts on Earth, I mean Mars.

I kept telling everyone it was merely sand. I live in the desert so I know sand and how it acts. Even kids looking at a sandbox could figure this out.

I think NASA scientists are so full of crap or stupid. I think it’s full of crap.

They know first to tease the public with “new discoveries” and then “study it more” and come up with new conclusions, as that way they keep getting funding.

After all, they have been able to keep the “men landed on the moon” hoax going. People cannot even begin to understand how they could be duped on that for so many years. It’s hilarious.

Anyone that looks at the space craft that landed can see that the legs are covered with gold lame, which couldn’t possibly be real. There’s other clues though that one is the most obvious.

Look Ma there’s ATV’s in space too!

Image of Jules Verne ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) covered in Papier-mâché and tinfoil with attached toothpicks holding “solar panels” and made to look like it’s “in space” by using a black backdrop is by NASA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Feature image of Catrinas which are for the Mexican “Day Of The Dead” celebration is by Tomascastelazo