I noticed looking at the new film by Pixar called “Coco” (2017) in this snapshot of the one older character talking to the young one that he appears to be damn near close to grabbing his big dick. Notice the pant lines, they are not natural to a skeleton of which do not have big cocks nor are animated, so one could see in this image a live skeleton that’s doing a bit of that naughty stuff.

Then again, maybe you and I are just reading into this which is just like what the “co discoverers of HIV” did when they looked at what the expert in electron microscopy said was cell shit and they instead labeled it a killer virus and with that came all the drama associated with that false claim which rocked the gay world for 30+ positive years and called HBTQ’s to arms in it’s war on AIDS so that now we have testing centers posted outside every popular gay bar in Palm Springs which nauseate those of us who know HIV is actually cell shit and all the drama and testing is unnecessary.