The cancer drug Opdivo is said to have “drained hard-to-reach reservoirs of his HIV infection too”.

Hard2reach? Reservoirs? I have NEVER in 30 + years of listening to HIV/CRAP heard them say HIV was in reservoirs.

It’s stunning how they come up with this stuff and people addit to their reservoirs.

If only they actually could find the thing that hides so well that they can’t find it as they have said consistently for 30 + freaky years of HIV bullcrap maybe there would be some believable ity to these statements but since there is no test in the world that finds it, these are all lies.



The truth is HIV is a unicorn virus. It only affects unicorns that turn into people when they drink tap water.

Image snapshot Bing News captures on November 30, 2017

Feature image of pathological lying page on Wikipedia snapshot taken on November 30, 2017