Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Human Immuneieio Deficiency Virus, Do They Really Exist?

Only in the mind.

Science is often full of shit.

It’s easy to fake results when you are dealing with things that have bazillions of factors that cannot be accurately measured.

The HIV/UNICORN virus is one of those things. Same with dark matter, and other space junk.

In the case of HIV those who “saw it” in the electron microscope actually saw space junk called cellular debris, but insisted it was alien creatures ready to destroy the population of planet Earth, thus calls to Hollywood and the president were initiated.

Reference page archived at Archive.org

Feature image of “this three-dimensional map offers a first look at the web-like large-scale distribution of dark matter, an invisible form of matter that accounts for most of the Universe’s mass. The map reveals a loose network of dark matter filaments, gradually collapsing under the relentless pull of gravity, and growing clumpier over time. The three axes of the box correspond to sky position (in right ascension and declination), and distance from the Earth increasing from left to right (as measured by cosmological redshift). Note how the clumping of the dark matter becomes more pronounced, moving right to left across the volume map, from the early Universe to the more recent Universe” by NASA/ESA/Richard Massey (California Institute of Technology) in public domain