In the theme of acronymizing like PrEP we here at IMGAY have come up with a better expression than LGBTQWERTY.

Le GaBisTraQ. It’s pronounced le-gab-is-track and a subtle separation between the Le for Lesbian and GaBisTraQ – Le Gabistraq – sorta French.

This stands for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transexuals/Transvestites, and whatever the fuck Q stands for.

I really don’t stand for any of it but since I don’t make all these LGBTstupid references to the gay community how about someone at least change the stupid LG to H.

HBTQ – “The HBTQ community is happy that there is same sex marriage.”

Even better is simply V for Variedsexuals or various sexuals.

Even better than that how about just sexuals. Everyone is sexual. The all should be protected.

Or even better, just H for Humans.


Exampls: “Enact laws that protect whatever Sexuals and Humans.”

“Did you get fired for being a Sexual? You are now protected under laws that protect Sexuals  you Human.”

Feature image snapshot Bing News story that used the stupid term LGBTQ which still to this day a lot of people don’t understand, December 2, 2017