Poof, you are a painting of a gay wedding cake.

The gay atheist artist did not want to be forced to draw a painting of Jesus Christ licking the face of Mona Lisa and pissing on her. The state made it a crime for the artist to refuse the gay couple.

Logic says he should not be forced to, it’s against his beliefs. Heavy hand of government is not right.

Would you agree? Of course you would.

So too the gay cake artist should not be forced to make a gay wedding cake. It’s against the artist’s beliefs.

This is simple logic yet the SGCO/NEOAILS – Stupid Gay Community Of Non Elected Officials And It’s Libtard Supporters keep pushing this narrative that it’s an equal rights issue. It is not, it is a freedom of expression issue, or better put, a freedom to decide one’s expression issue.

You can’t force people to express themselves the way you want them to. It would be like forcing the atheist baby sitter to recite bible verses and she says “I’m sorry I do not want the job” and the mom has a fit and calls a lawyer saying her equal rights were violated and it stupidly has to go to the Supreme Court to DECIDE THAT she has the right to refuse the job.

Another example, the gay dude says “No I don’t want to recite fundamentalist Christian crap to your kid, find someone else to do that” and the mom again has a fit and says she has the right to force him to do the job.

Same with the Christian cake baker, he has a fundamental right to be able to refuse any job presented him. It’s not like he’s got wedding cakes in the window and the gay couple says “We will take this one” and he says “Fags I don’t sell to”, it’s that he’s refusing to be their hired artist.

This is not a matter of a cashier at a store saying they will not sell the Nintendo to the gay couple because they don’t believe in gay marriage, if someone did that that would be discrimination, this is about artistic expression and forcing one to do something against their beliefs. You can’t do that in the US.

Rolling Stone Magazine, a libtard pile of words, said it seems to be leaning way over toward the rights of the cake baker, claiming as to be expected, that such a thing is discrimination and that gays again will suffer those pangs yet again.

Paleeeze. Frankly, discrimination in many things is perfectly legal. Should the gay atheist cake artist be forced to do Fundamental Musli-Christian wedding cakes?

Supreme court will decide soon. I gather they of brilliant mind, Supreme Court Justices, will decide for the artist, and not the hissy fitter.

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