It’s said that for White House Christmas party Qwerty and black reporters are not invited.

Oh boo hoo.

GEEEEE could it be because the entire Queer community participated in the stupid wacko Resist March (used to be known as gay pride) which TRASHED publicly President Trump and promoted doing such all around the world?


Could it be because the black reporter had distorted what actually happened in police shootings that because of such reporting created serious civil unrest?

Cry your fucking eyes out you idiots. We have a great president. You are not invited.

Take off your pink colored drama filled glasses and get off the drugs and alcohol.

Quotes from article found here on

“Chris Johnson, the chief political and White House reporter for the Washington Blade, one of the world’s oldest LGBT publications, is among those uninvited.”*

The article blabbers on about how it claims Trump could care less about the Alt+ community whereas their slobbering love affair with Barack envoked such statements from him like the following which of course means he’s a better person:

“As LGBT+ people are disproportionally affected by HIV/AIDS, previous presidents have used their World AIDS Day proclamations as an opportunity to reach out to the LGBT community.'”

Why is it disproportional? Too much sex without wearing mosquito repellent?

No, obviously viruses apparently hate LBTQWERTY people too!

My advice that no one wants to hear, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake up acronym community!

*the blade is the oldest gay rag in the world of the United States of Trumpamerica. They as all gay rags promote HIV/garbage and all the killer HIV drugs that have ever been disseminated. In other words they believe like almost everyone that mosquitoes just are not strong enough to carry gay viruses, that mosquitoes discriminate against carrying viruses that “only humans and sewing needles can transmit” and not their own knitting needles they use to suck blood and knit afghans for their children because when a HIV virus virus attaches to the mosquito needle the mosquito can’t move or fly anywhere as it’s just too heavy, thus the mosquito must either remove the HIV virus virus or die.

** The White House Christmas Tree is invited and arrives via carriage which cannot transmit HIV because it’s too heavy of a virus according to science

Feature image of cart before the horse (horse is not sen in the photo as it is in a stable) of the White House Christmas Tree when the Bush family was in the White House which pissed off many a gay rag reader is a public document not subject to copyright photographed by Chris Greenberg

English: Laura Bush welcomes the arrival of the official White House Christmas tree to the North Portico of the White House. The 18-foot Fraser Fir tree, from the Mistletoe Meadows tree farm in Laurel Springs, N.C., will be on display in the Blue Room of the White House for the 2007 Christmas season. Joining Mrs. Bush, from left are, Beth Walterscheidt, president of the National Christmas Tree Association, and Joe Freeman and his wife Linda Jones of Mistletoe Meadow tree farm in Laurel Springs, N.C.