Sears Outlet online has a brand spankin’ new fabulous stainless french door refrigerator that would cost $1800 if perfect. It’s priced at $559.93.

It has some obvious flaws though, obviously.

At first when I looked at the photo I went “ooooooooooo that’s bad” and moved on but then I asked my self is it really worth paying $1200 more to have a perfect front door? Not really.

If it was for my house I might actually buy one of these with such damage, and then cover it up with magnet thingy’s or something creative, I mean like how many people have kids that need one of these new french door ones where they put their drawings up on the refrigerator. Others put up those magnets covering their entire front door.

Speaking of front doors, wearing condoms to protect oneself from viruses is like leaving the front door and screen door open and expecting to be protected from flies and viruses, but hey, according to government in 1984, that was all they have to protect you and thus they promoted that as protection! They still promote it as protection from viruses!

Back to what’s cool, save that $1200 by buying this unequal refrigerator for kids college or retirement. I’m even thinking there might be some other type of thing to do to work with the “flaw” rather than be “offended” by it. Not sure what exactly but there has to be something.

I support refrigerator rights.

All appliances should be treated equally including battered individual appliances.

Unfortunately many liberals would not support my views.

Feature image of cooling tower diagram By User:mbeychok [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Additional image is cropped and was found on Sears Outlet website and is used in commentary and hope for finding this refrigerator a great home and is believed to be fair use.

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