Today is December 25, 2017.

It’s a day that once again is widely heralded as a time to celebrate the “Birth of Christ” which to many is a fantasy, but in the 1600’s when this sign was posted in the village things were much different. People there banned the celebration of Christmas!

What’s interesting to note in comparison, is that any of those who celebrate this holiday religiously and fervently today that had trashed gay marriage saying that it’s against nature, even called gay marriage Satanic, HELD PURITANICAL VIEWS in saying it should only be with a man and woman. The Puritans celebrated sexuality but only in marriage like this.

So here today we have people who hold Christmas celebration on high, feeding into it, feeding it to others, all while they devour the drunken frenzy of gift giving that every year is a way to allegedly honor their Savior’s alleged birth, rituals that Puritans deemed Satanic.

These Christmas frenziers hold Puritanical views on marriage while their celebration of Christmas is clearly Satanic. They are in direct contradiction with the views of the PPP’s (Purely Pure Puritanists) as in the 1600’s when they left Europe in droves to settle in Boston, they called Christmas Satanic and banned the practice.

You would get a $50 fine if caught celebrating Christmas because to them Christmas is Satanic.

This gives Satansm a whole new meaning.

Merry Satanism!


Christmas banned in Boston!

Feature image is a public notice from 1659 in Boston regarding the banning the celebrations of Christmas and is in the public domain. Notices like this should be placed in most of the United States cities, towns, and villages once again.