Humans emit on average when they consume a high sugar diet over 700 grams of carbon dioxide a day[1]. That’s 1/4 of a million grams of CO2 added to the atmosphere every year by one human. Multiply that by 6 billion humans and the Earth gets 1,533,000,000,000,000 grams of CO2 added daily or in a lifetime spanning an average of 70 years, a total of 1.0731e+17 grams. Divide that by 465 grams per pound, that comes out to 230,774,193,548,387.1 pounds of CO2 added in a lifetime.

Compare that to cars that do not burn sugar for fuel, but burn gasoline. The numbers are enlightening.

Graphs show that carbon dioxide emissions kept increasing since 1750, to a total concentration 33.3333% higher than when Moses and Al Gore parted the Red Sea.

Human population graphs are exactly the same.

Well now, is it cars or is it people who like their sugar that is causing the warming? People have a constant temperature of 98.6 degrees. They are running 24 hours a day. An automobile does not run all day nor does it consume high CO2 producing sugar.

People today also consume huge amounts of CO2 infused soda. How many sparkling bottles of water, soda, and beer does the consumption of such add unnecessary CO2 into the atmosphere?

The idea that it’s the stuff that comes out of smokestacks that are causing warming is laughable. The claim is that it creates a bubble around the earth where heat cannot escape. Cold space is -450 degrees, it cools all gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere. Gasses are not glass either. Greenhouses get warm because of radiation + heat being kept in an enclosed space that has solid covering of glass and framing. The air cannot circulate.

In contrast, the air in the atmosphere does not become hard like glass. It is always a gas and always circulates. Cooling effects continue as normal whatever gasses are up there. The only exception is when those gasses turn into glass. We see proof of this phenomena in the TV documentary “Under The Dome”[2]

Count the warming emanating from your computer, appliances, motors, refrigerators, engines, so many things. Warming, which does occur on Earth, is from all of that but it is not without cooling that comes from space.

Carbon dioxide does not act like glass causing fake news green house effects.

If you doubt me on this, next time you are ready for a sound sleep in a cold room that’s like say 50 degrees, throw the blankets aside, and just keep blowing CO2 out of your lungs to form a protective bubble around yourself like the atmosphere does with C0 huckster 2.

Mmmmm toasty.



Feature image English: An industrial area, with a power plant, on the Old Grand Canal of China south of Yangzhou’s downtown. Seen from the waterfront near Wenfeng Pagoda, looking west. The high-rise buildings in the background are somewhere near Yangzhou Bus Station by User:Vmenkov

Carbon dioxide variations graph was prepared by Robert A. Rohde from publicly available data and is incorporated into the Global Warming Art project.

Human population graph over thousands of years has been released into the public domain by its author, El T at English Wikipedia. This applies worldwide.