It’s interesting to learn how government counts things. In the case of how government counts deaths in a hurricane in Puerto Rico, we thought it was 64, but it appears to be 20 times that.

How can this be??? We learned to count at 5 years old. The United States is 242. I guess the US has Alzheimer’s.

Numerous news outlets questioned the numbers as they started interviewing people in that hurricane ravaged UTOTUS – Unincorporated Territory Of The United States.

A similar but in reverse thing happened with HIV/AIDS/GARBAGE. They over estimate deaths. Someone dies of a heart attack, they are listed as dying from AIDS and the unicorn fantasy virus that caused it.

Heart attack deaths go down. HI virus deaths go up, or H/A deaths remain the same while HI virus deaths go up.



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Counting logic is sometimes like this:

64 people were supposed to have been killed by the hurricane in Puerto Rico but the number is more like 1064. So to explain why this happens human logic might look at simple math and say, “________ even a 5 year old can figure this out, when someone dies in a hurricane it’s counted. Government can’t be doing it wrong and any assertion otherwise is retarded.”

But certain logic is not taking into account other things, it’s like certain logic would say that it’s simple math, any 5 year old can figure it out let alone a government, and the USA is 242 so it’s old enough to understand how to count.

Then evidence is presented that the numbers are off because the United States has Alzheimer’s.

In rebuttal, it’s said that somehow we must Make America Great Again instead of accepting that it’s been made into, by time, Great Great Grandpa with Alzheimer’s which explains why government can’t even get simple math correct except when it comes to taxes.

Technically the real reason counting by government is not even child’s play and that it doesn’t really have a memory problem, but rather a government $5,000 each toilet seat style/system, is because when someone is having a heart attack because the hurricane is literally scaring them to death, they can’t get 911 on the phone, no one comes, they die, and that is not considered a hurricane death, and government doesn’t want to over inflate numbers that make it look bad, and also not count things that by even a slim chance, could be considered simply natural deaths not from the hurricane.

I doubt Trump is going to fix that but I think this really is a big problem.

Feature image of an eye of a hurricane By Image courtesy of Mike Trenchard, Earth Sciences & Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons