The prezident of the USA was said to have said by she said at the she said see shore that wheeee shouldn’t let in more people from shit whole cuntries.

Maybe he said “shit hole” or maybe he didn’t, who cares.

Libtards have freaked at his “shithole” remark, yet the prez is doing exactly what America was founded on, free speech.

Free speach is like our bodies, needs constant exercize.

We don’t want speech to be fat and flabby.

Technically freely speaking “shit holes” are a place where excrement flows through. Excrement includes HI viruses that leave the body through “shit holes” who study viruses, and other shit holes.

Unfortunately those viruses also infect the minds of H’s who cannot understand the processes of fantasies that travel in through eye holes and ear holes coming from saliva holes.

Feature image of what some verbally fit freely speakers say is a “shit head” who refers to lousy countries as “shit holes” and this image is in the public domain and displays the best president I have ever spoke freely about in my lifetime, Donald Trump.