Everyone has been taught from day one that the “Black Plague” that occured in Europe in the 16th century was spread by rats.

I have known for 30 odd years that claim is bunk. Disease is created not spread.

So in today’s widespread plague of garbage news, we at least see they are getting somewere albeit slowly, they announced now that the Black Plague was not spread by rats, rather it’s spread by humans.

This new discovery is at least closer to the truth as if a disease is caused by a virus, then really any object living or non living can “spread it”. This includes the air.

But disease is not caused by virus because if it was everyone would get it.

Disease is a complex formula of things happening in a body. There is not one thing that causes any disease and disease is created by humans in many ways.

For example, the ingestion of simple processed SUGAR causes so much havoc in the system it’s hard to ignore this CAUSE of disease, but it’s done routinely.

Here is the snapshot of Google News dated January 16, 2018 where we see this new discovery about the Black Plague.