The reason the gays will lose the Supreme Court case against bakers and candle stick makers is really rather simple, the business provides what services it wants to provide to the customer, it is not telling the gay dudes “I will not sell you a wedding cake with a man and a woman on top because you are gay and we don’t serve gays because our religion does not approve of homofaguals”.

That would be discrimination if they did.

You cannot force a cake decorator to decorate a cake to your liking, any more than you can force a cake baker to give you a blow job on your candle.

You can force them (by law) to sell you the same wedding cake they provide others.

A gay wedding cake is not the same cake provided to straights.

The force them thing is as absurd as forcing a women’s hair salon to trim your beard when they don’t provide that service to anyone.

The silly fag screams “That’s discrimination!”

The owner says, “That’s not a service we provide.”

It’s like forcing them to provide oranges on a chocolate cake where the owner says “Sorry sirs we do not make cakes with both oranges and strawberries on it, we find it offensive as those flavors do not combine well with chocolate. It’s not that we have anything against orange farmers, it’s just their behavior we hate when they force oranges on chocolate.”

Feature image shows chocolate cake that would be sold to either gay or straight couples by

  Kurt james