The medical community is like the gay community.

They both suffer from syndromes of categories as do all humans.

The one that affects the gay community which is a category is one that believes that bigoted unicorns can infect people with bigoted viruses that bigoted mosquitoes refuse to help get where they are going.

In Southern California there was another small earthquake, a day after the big one in Alaska. This image shows where the earth quake occured, “The Ring of Fire”. Pinpointing who would be affected by an earthquake that happened in this would be like pinpointing what exact virus affected a human being.

HIV is said to be a human virus. Ok great, narrowed that down to 7 billion humans. The 7.9 earthquake that affected the planet is a planetary event. Neither are specific.

With HIV, let’s drop the H it’s not needed, we have immune deficiency. OMG biillions of things affect immune systems, one of the biggest is what lurks and invades your gut every day.

Let’s look at the flu, it’s claimed to be “caused by a virus”.

Now let’s look at heart attacks, it’s claimed to be caused by plaque.

Now let’s look at the new claim that heart attack is caused by the flu.

The microscopic image of “the flu” is an image of bacteria eating phlegm.

And of course they claim to avoid the flu you get a flu $hot even though they can’t guarantee that the “strain of flu” is the same one they concoct in the $hot a year prior. They claim viruses are constantly morphing, changing, like snowflakes all different, yet they claim getting a flu $hot will keep you from getting the flu.

Deciding what is fact and made up stuff by all these scientists and medical hucksters is daunting, but one thing that make it simple, when their claims contradict, run.

We could also create a category like this, “The ring of Flu” describing the areas where the flu occurs. This new category acronymized as TROF, like HIV/AID$, could then be used to describe certain areas that it occured, blaming it on the water, like what was done with Flint, Michigan illne$$e$.

“The Flu” snapshot from Bing news on January 25, 2018 during “The Flu” season which is always in The Cold season and The Post Holiday Full O’crap Food Season.