The top health official head of the Centers of Disease Control was caught BSO (Buying Selling Owning) tobacco stocks.[1]

OMG that is such a serious CDC (Conflictoinderested Deranged Cashscam) it’s not even funny.

This is the same outfit that started the HIV/LIE that killed my friends starting with the LIE that they discovered what caused COMPLEX DISEASE CONDITIONS, naming it HIV/TERROR, and pushing my friends to take experimental drugs AZT which IS/WAS a DNA cell chain migration terminator.

AZT WAS/IS a failed cancer drug a decade prior, which killed people then. Then they pushed the “Hit Hard Hit Early” campaign with this shit drug, no not shit drug as in shit countries, nuclear war drug that bombs the hell out of everything it touches. They used AZT as a nuclear bomb on my friends blood cells to try to kill Big Foot. The forest and the critters were all dead after the AIDS war, and my friends lived in that forest.

In the meantime, people like Fitzgerald who bought drug stocks all got rich.

Filthy filthy filthy.

But this shit goes on in government all the time. Congress buys/sells stocks knowing how a vote is going to go, what companies will benefit, etc.

Health departments make bundles owning stocks that promote the very thing they promote.

They are crooks. No government official should be allowed to own any stock in anything.

Here is a little of what the Politico article stated:

“After assuming the CDC leadership on July 7, Fitzgerald bought tens of thousands of dollars in new stock holdings in at least a dozen companies later that month as well as in August and September, according to records obtained under the Stock Act, which requires disclosures of transactions over $1,000. Purchases included between $1,001 and $15,000 of Japan Tobacco.”

So we finally find out about this CDC (Conflictointerest Disease Condition) after we hear the TND (Typical Nonsensicalitious Drivel) coming from Trump’s first SOUR (State Of Union Raunch) that went on incessantly with jerk off parties and sales pitches highlighting how wonderful they all are.

What is the CDC doing to control the addiction to money?



Feature image of CDC head Brenda Fitzgerald is published by US government and is in the public domain

Update 6:17 pm pt 1/31/18 – she resigned