California Supreme Court decided like I SAID IT WOULD for the baker and not the homos when it comes to trying to force bakeries to design things they don’t want to design.

This is the simplest of logic, we cannot force people to express themselves in a way they don’t want to.

If you do it’s called rape.

Decorating a cake is an expression.

The baker or candlestick maker cannot be forced to put two men on top any more than they can force you to be bottom or straight and for the baker to have sex with you. These are personal choices or born that ways.

In the case of the cake maker he or she is born that way, religious.

The gays have a choice who to marry or who to have sex with or what to wear or what to drink.

To say there is no choice of which gender you want to have sex with would be like saying you don’t have a choice where to get your cake decorated.

Eat it and weep.