After the 2nd Florida massacre now at a high school, and cries for an end to death on planet Earth by all the emoticons, I am supposed to believe that a kid that’s about to inherit $800,000 prefers to shoot up his high school and kill his friends? Who would do that??

Let’s read “fake news” and try to understand.

“The family (Deschamps) who took Nikolas in said he stood to inherit $800,000 on his 22nd birthday following his mom’s death.

“The shooter says he believed they were trying to steal his inheritance.”

Ok, if this is true, and not fake news, then what we need is inheritance control, specifically, inheritance theft control.

The motive to kill may be that the kid got mad at everybody because of him being ripped off at of all times after the horrific trauma of losing his mom.

What the “adopted” family did was HORRIFIC to this child if indeed this is what happened.

Not only did his mom get taken away but also every thing that was going to be left to him.

That would drive almost anyone insane or at least VERY ANGRY or both.

So all this call for mental health and gun control garbage is just that, unless…….if the public was intelligent they would be calling for “inheritance checks” not background checks and banning “bump inheritances”.

That’s checks and balances on inheritances, not checks as in money.

When a child is put in the care of foster parents, those individuals SHOULD NOT EVER BE IN CHARGE OF INHERITANCES.

Yes I know the argument that the kid may have been mental, handling it different than others, but I tend to think that these NON-PARENTS were more interested in what they could get for themselves thus embedding a very serious wrong into the life of this child.

That kind of thing happens a lot.

It’s time to ban bump inheritances.

Let’s see if we hear a single person calling for that.

Take stock.