Tucker Carlson on FOX news yesterday had a guest.

She cited a Purdue University report that suggests the world drop anything that has the word “men” or “man” in it.


Everyone knows that there are also mail women so she said they must be called carriers she says.

I guess that would include STD’s and checks in the mail.

Then the discussion became as to whether mail should be renamed as well. She didn’t have a problem with mail.

Maybe she would if the mail man was standing on first base, then when asked who’s on first the discussion is more fun.

She stumbled a bit though when Tucker used the same logic on her, saying that if she is to drop the word man in everything than she should do that with WOMAN.

She had an audibly and visibly difficult time adjusting to that concept, and sure seemed like she hadn’t really thought that one through.

Typical non thinker.

Hey I think it’s great. Call them WO.

Men are men and women are now wo’s.

Of course next, the complaint will be about inequality, men get three letters, wo’s only get 2.

Bottom line, when Tucker asked her what she wanted to be called, she said person, but that person wasn’t at all convincing.

She really seemed to like being called a woman a lot better.

Still, someone let me know when these people start dressing like men and stop exposing their bodies like whores on TV. Even though they are all selling themselves through the Public Information Sending Syndrome (PISS) these “people” on TV are always wearing practically nothing, flaunting their flesh, yet almost all of these persons ride the bandwagon of person’s rights, and equality, and claiming men are sexist.

Gotta go, the mailwo just arrived.