Dick’s Sporting Goods has said they are banning the sale of assault rifles.

Bears and Big Foot have been spotted doing press releases in the wild. One spokesbear stated: “Today is a great day for the animal kingdom, no longer will man be able to fend us off when we assault them. We have been waiting for this day for a long time. Now we are on a level playing field.”

Russian bears found to be meddling in US elections also were happy saying that with an unarmed population Russia can do even more meddling.

Me, I will NEVER shop at Dick’s (or their Field & Stream stores) because they are being dicks.

Then we have Lawrence O’Donnell libtard of the century, claiming that because rifle bullets can travel 3 times faster than those of a hand gun that arming teachers wouldn’t help stop a shooter with an AR-15.


No wait, not retard, huckster. People learn from TV. Hucksters like him sold SO/HIV* to the masses. The same techniques were used to dumb down the masses on health matters, making retarded claims that viruses can only travel on dicks and needles and not in the hot air of summer day in Dick’s and on pine needles.

BTW to all those idiots calling for “gun control” we already have that. What we need is retard control.

“Gun Control System Maximizes Storage”

Snapshot of Breitbart news online dated February 28, 2018 at 6:44 am pt. Snapshot of Lawrence O’Donnell was on the Breitbart site.

*SO/HIV – Snake Oil / Human Inane Virus

Reference also: Orders Of Magnitude