Expert on abuse claims first they are an expert on abuse which they probably never suffered themselves, then 2nd, that being abused does not absolve a person of stopping further violence.

From the article on NPR:

But Mia Bloom, a terrorism expert at Georgia State University, says that argument doesn’t absolve Salman of responsibility to stop further violence. “There is no amount of trauma that can prevent you from picking up the phone when the person is not in the same room and they’re not in the same city and they’re en route and alerting the police,” she says. “Lives could have been saved.”

OMG what a fucking dipshit. All you have to do is watch any fucking crime thriller and you can see how people are held captive, abused, and they cannot help anyone else lest they be killed right there.

Fucking retard.

You see this is the problem with our system, we have experts claiming all this crap and they are often the stupidest people on the planet.

Experts say we will be under 10 feet of water because the planet is warming because the vast 456 degree below zero space surrounding us isn’t able to keep up with all the heat we keep generating. Stupid.

Expert says if you are being beaten to a pulp and the beater says they are going to kill others, you are supposed to pick up the phone which you left in your car and call 911, and they will dispatch an officer to save lives, after all that’s what we always vote YES on higher taxes for, more police to “protect us” unless it’s too dangerous, then they stand out front of a Florida high school while kids in school are massacred in a drill.

The world is now inundated with experts coming out of government and media’s asses telling fags now that they have to take a pill to PREPare for sex. Daily pill. Ward off demons and AIDS. The experts are full of shit. There is no virus. If there was you’d get it all ways. These idiotsperts still believe that a virus can’t travel by air or on mosquito knitting needles, that accidentally prick someone in the backyard BBQ.

Viruses are laughing their asses off.

Anytime the word EXpert is used in a sentence, the listener should immediately think of their EX and what they kept claiming what was right.

Anyone that uses the word PREP in a sentence should be laughed at.