Unfortunately Elton John is one of many people perpetuating AIDS/MYTHS.

His foundation at EJAF.org promotes the faulty belief that a virus is responsible for the diseases listed under the broad category of immune system problems labeled AIDS. It perpetuates the wacked out idea that sex and needles are the only way to transmit a virus. Viruses are not living things. They can hitch rides on any needle, including the needles of mosquitoes.

If a virus was the cause, everyone would be getting it from BYBBQ’s.

But hey, the money’s good!

So then at a Vegas show some fan was trying to “high five” him from behind a velvet “keep your distance” rope and EJ got pissed and stormed off stage. Elton told him to fuck off. These were high paying front row seat people who were invited onstage for the last number.

Such a dear. Cares so much about his audience and fans.

Seems he cares more about himself. I don’t like the guy. High five? Really?

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