There is no test yet the headlines say there is a test.

Google news Mar 4 2018 6:12 am pt

Testing goes something like this, “Hey dog do you have rubies, all the other dogs say you do?”

The dog doesn’t respond.

The person then says, “Ah, just like when I asked if you have HIV and get tested, you evade the question, that means you have it right?”

Still no response from the dog.

The person then says, “Confirmed”.

The reporter sees the published report by the authority and republishes the findings.

Bloggers see the published republish and rerepublish.

See people run to get shot with viruses as a pre caution.

Where’s that HIV vaccine again?

Oh yea, it’s in that dick you just sucked and that mosquito knitting needle.

Oh no, it’s that thing they now call PReP but you have to take it every day!