Dude calls gal skinhead lesbian. How is that hate speech?

There is nothing wrong with being a skinhead lesbian. It’s like calling her a skinhead hetero. Nothing wrong with that either. It’s like calling her a skinhead, look at her head, nothing wrong with that either. When did the term lesbian become a term of hate? Same with the term faggot, so what if I’m a faggot.

When is humanity going to GTFU?

GTFU – Grow The Fuck Up

Note, calling someone a scumbag tends to be universally accepted as a derogatory term. Seems he really offended people who are FATmm’s (Frothing At The mouth moonbats) but none of them have come forward to complain so they must not be bothered with free speech like most other humans.

PinkNews reports that she is head of the gay-straight alliance group of the high school in Florida that endured a massacre so obviously she is either a gay or a straight and an ally of both thought this doesn’t seem to be her actions regarding this straight that called her a skinhead lesbian which is obviously what she is.

Her head is skin.

She is a lesbian.


Oh my bad, she claims she is a bisexual. He should have called her a skinhead bisexual as calling her a lesbian is clearly offensive.

And public shaming is not offensive, it is clearly an acceptable standard now.

Shame on those who do it.