As the story goes Craig’s List was at the Neaderthal days of the internet, a champion of freedom to post personal ads with explicit images, details, raunchy descriptions, etc.

Today, such freedoms online die a sad death. The owners of such websites have gotten fabulously wealthy, the businesses themselves the same, but because of fears of being sued as US governing bodies passed out of their asses a new law removing limitations of liability for online personals because of the intent to stop human trafficking, the personals are gone.

As it always goes, government created a sweeping bill to fix something that is minimally broken.

They used a massive earth mover to fix a few stones that got into a flower bed.

U.S. Congress just passed HR 1865, FOSTA used to be a model of internet freedom of speech, now it’s got the Good Hauskeeping seal of approval and June Cleaver is the spokesperson Wally.