“It is a well known scientific principle that any measurement or prediction will always have an associated uncertainty.”

How come most people don’t understand this?

The PReP community doesn’t. They think they take the pill and it protects them from space invaders.

The HIV/TEST community doesn’t seem to get this either.

“In the case of most reentering objects, the uncertainty associated with predicting reentry location is extremely large and precludes an accurate location prediction until shortly before the reentry has occured. In general, it is much easier to predict an accurate reentry time rather than an accurate reentry location. Based on Tiangong-1’s inclination, however, we can confidently say that this object will reenter somewhere between 43° North and 43° South latitudes.” – regarding the Tiangong-1 reentry into Earth’s atmosphere from space (falling satellite) as written by Aerospace.org

They cannot even predict entry location!

So then in contrast we have medical science in the field of immune systems which are a billion times more complicated than aeronautical space administration systems telling us they know for sure what viruses do and don’t do.

That is so laughable it’s not funny.