In the movie “Limitless” and in the series, the main character takes a drug called NZT which makes it so he can think 50 steps ahead of everyone and everything.

Watch the ending of that movie. That’s what Trump does. That’s why he won. That’s why he is still winning.

Freak. Liberals can’t understand this concept because they only think 50 steps behind everything. They get so caught up in the words and sentence structure, they completely miss the goal.

It’s like what they do constantly is they are playing out there on the field playing football and all they can do in the game is konstantly criticize their team mates moves rather than moving with them.

Imagine the quarterback saying out loud he is going to do something that contradicts what he was saying he was going to do in the huddle.

The liberal says “Wait right there, you are lying, that’s not what you said…..”

The conservative says “” and the game continues.