These shit heads responded to HIV/PRIVACY concerns by blaming the users.

They say it’s a public forum.

Fuck Grindr.

An app is not a public forum. The public does not have general access nor does the public or any company have right to use the image of the user or the HIV status or any data of any user on an app.

Going on TV News is a public forum, you know you are being broadcast to every TV.

Posting your HIV status on a bulletin board could be considered broadcasting, the Gay Community Center may endorse such even, they would not be responsible, but if they did what Grindr is doing, selling that information, they are violating law.

On TV everyone can see it. You sign agreements. You are WELL AWARE that you go on TV and say “I’m HIV positive” (which is a lie because no one really knows, they are just saying “The inaccurate testing claims I am HIV positive, it could be showing I had the FLU”.

Laws apply a certain way because everyone knows a TV show can be seen and referenced by everyone. Apps are different.

Think different.

Apps have to be installed. There are laws regarding privacy no matter what their stupid terms even say. Terms of service are not final words.

YOU CANNOT JUST GO AND DISCLOSE HIV STATUS TO THE WORLD WITHOUT A PERSON’S EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION lest you subject yourself to laws regarding privacy. Doesn’t matter if they post their status “publicly” these forums are not a broadcast medium. For one everyone has to have a login.

Take for example one scenario, I can go get Grindr, set it up on my phone, accidentally be forced to choose an HIV status that I don’t want public, that is say I am HIV – and accidentally choose HIV + and never realize that, or I could choose positive just to lie and have fun with it, for a company to USE THAT DATA for the purposes of MAKING MONEY WITH THAT DATA there are all sorts of limitations. In the case of HIV bogus statuses (HIV is a big fucking lie) the laws came down hard on people who use HIV status against them in so many ways.

Sue the fuckers. Delete the app. Stop posting your status, mainly because in the real world, NO ONE REALLY KNOWS THEIR HIV STATUS BECAUSE ALL TESTS ARE FAULTY, FUCKING FAULTY WORTHLESS TESTS.

App makers, stop asking HIV status. Get rid of those stupid questions. Let people ask each other. Save yourself lawsuits.