The guy “infected 5 people intentionally” so they sent him to prison for life. This is the first of it’s kind, a life sentence then a life sentence.

Get tested they say, then you get tested and it comes out positive, boom, you have a life sentence with HIV.

Then if you live in England and “spread it purposely” you get a life sentence. That’s two life sentences.


Now before you all freak out, he’s already served time and will be eligible for parole in 10 years.

In the USA things are much different, in fact we are now tending to lower it’s status from crime to misdemeanor.

You have to be kinda glad though that your ancestors broke the hell away from England’s rule.

Thank God for guns!

HIV sentences are based on flawed testing.

Viruses travel by air and mosquito needles.

The whole theory of HIV/AIDS is bogus.

It’s amazing people cannot figure out the most basic things regarding this causation hoax.

There is at least one group that helps incarcerated HIV lifers at The HIV Innocence Project.

Their website should be required reading for all human beings that are schooled in what they think is a deadly virus that once you get the bogus theory embedded into your brain you have it there for life.

The HIV Innocence Project

Here is a snapshot of their website on April 18, 2018

Some other facts about the case is that they considered that he did not take “anti-retro-viral medications (PReP)”.

And we thought the days of Hitler are over.

It’s also said that he used the Grindr app. Eww. That’s what scares me not unicorns dressed as viruses.