The latest stupid stunt this lying liberal freak pulled is spraying water on a government building labeled “Flint water” and holding up a glass “of it” demanding the Republican governor drink it. The state has stopped supplying free plastic container bottled water, plastic that liberals also blast Republicans for not doing enough to protect the environment.

Hey you stupid fucks, how about doing your laundry in your bath tub to save tons of fossils and using canteens for your water. That would save the planet. Also stop making movies that suck energy and stop using computers and cell phones.

If it was a liberal governor Moore would most certainly not be there, but rather doing some other stunt against a conservative because that’s all he ever does.

If indeed the water is as bad as the film maker claims his act is bio-error. Of course it’s all just an act.

That’s the point. He is an act.

The other thing is in this hyped up blame game, Democrats have been in charge of that city for decades, they never fixed the broader underground pipes when they had plenty of opportunity to do so, pipes that are not lead, they are steel. The TV blabberbox always calls them lead. There is only lead found in certain seams and very minimal amounts are ever exposed to water in those pipes.

That whole Flint thing has been distorted, starting with loud mouth motor speak Rachel Maddow. The water supply changed for financial reasons, old seams in the connecting pipes in the main delivery system at the main facility had corroded more than was allowed, TV got hold of it like they did with HIV in the 1980’s, and suddenly it was a thing. The only problem was when they first switch over the supply of water. The bigger problem was TV hype.

Guess what the corrosive material was. Chlorine.

Chlorine is in all water supplies now. They had to put more in to treat the bad water. Duh.

Why is the water bad in Flint? Gee could it be that cars were made there for 50 years and heavily polluted the entire ecosystem there? That of course is Republicans fault too. Oh wait, Democrats promised they would fix everything.

Actually it was bacteria’s fault.