The “LGBT” group (where’s the Q?) was unhappy that the internet presented data from 10 years ago of a woman on MSNBC named Joy Reid who allegedly had made LGBTphobic remarks.

In the article they say “homophobic” but that’s an error that all these groups keep making, they say they are inclusive, then they are selective, leaving out bisexualphobic and transgenderphobic and lesbianphobic.

The prompted need for to determine the appropriate adjustment so that it’s phobic inclusive.

The new term is LpGpBpTp.

It’s sorta like PReP, I think the community will have a hard time swallowing it.

From the article:

A leading LGBT advocacy group rescinded its Straight for Equality in Media Award to MSNBC host Joy Reid on Tuesday amid a controversy surrounding newly-unearthed homophobic comments made on a decade-old blog.