The Joy Reid matter ** has the use of the term LBTGYKOZ used in a sentence with the term homophobic quite a bit.

It’s scary.

Created a new phobia.

Get tested.


So what these language bastardizers do is say in a sentence that Joy Reid was homophobic 10 years ago, referencing her having stated all sorts of bad things against the LGBTQ community. Nothing like they should all rot in hell like fundamentalist Christians do, just things like what Hillary Clinton said about gays, that they shouldn’t be given the privilege of marriage, which is the #1 reason why I couldn’t vote for Hillary. Trump NEVER EVER voted against gays before or after being president.

Getting back to the matter acronymisticiality at hand, and looking at this more precisely we see an error though.

L for lesbian, that’s homo, OK homophobic works.

B for bisexual, that’s homo and hetero, hmm, being scared of straights who are also homos, is that homophobic? OK maybe.

Transgendered. Is that homosexual? Not really. If someone’s identity changes, their sexuality may or may not change. For example, the woman that has sex with men has the sex change, she now is a man and has sex with a man, OK if someone doesn’t like that person that might be homophobic. Now how about when the woman is straight but has a sex change, she wants to be a man, so now she’s a man and has sex with women, she’s still straight, so someone who refers to someone not liking her sexual identity behavior (SID) as homophobic would be incorrect.

Thus the use of the term homophobic applied to LGBTQc (c for community) is not appropriate. It’s also not treating the person and acronym equally and we know so well how the mixed up community champions equality as they set up foundations that are tax exempt and millions of dollars are channeled through them paying employees hundreds of thousands of dollars every year so they can live in unequal communities that are on the right side of the tracks.

Also using it to describe the Q’s is not accurate.

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** Joy Reid could be in serious legal trouble now that the FBI (world’s first acronym) is investigating her claim that her website was hacked, which the pretty savvy internet community does not believe a word of what she is claiming