The world finds that Joy Reid’s claims that her blog was “hacked” crumbles under scrutiny while that same world holds HIV on high. She stated once “The nature of political correctness is that gay people are allowed to say straight sex is gross but the reverse is considered to be patently homophobic.” – Joy Reid

Funny how that is. It’s because we have double standards everywhere.

HIV suffers from this. The truth is that long ago HIV crumbled under scrutiny and with equal ease.

HIV cannot exist because if it did it would travel on flying hypodermic needles that mosquitoes carry going from HIV tainted homes to non-HIV tainted homes, from backyard to backyard, infecting everyone.

This simply does not occur the HIV pushers often say in defense going on to claim “there have been no such infections attributed to mosquitoes”. This is such a crock. Under scrutiny we see that there is no test for HIV in mosquitoes or they say HIV can’t exist in mosquitoes because it’s a human virus. That is such a crock too, viruses are stupid things. They do not suddenly say STOP when they arrive at a syringe that a mosquito carries any more than they say STOP at a syringe that a drug addict carries. Think about this claim of theirs, a syringe is not human, thus, by their ridiculous wool of the eyes logic, no non-human syringe would be able to carry human immune deficiency viruses because the virus would STOP right there.

There are so many who have proven that the HIV theory crumbles under scrutiny yet CDC dictators refuse to budge because if they did their empire would crumble under scrutiny.

The problem is that long ago fear, hysteria, demands, activism, bandwagoneering, drama, TV hype for ratings, all got in the way of clarity. Much of that was based on trusting the government to tell us what is real and what is garbage. Government has a history of making mistakes.

Those who tried to tell the government why HIV/CRUMBLES were shouted down by hysterians. Government liars in charge namely top officials in Centers for Disease Control Anthony Fauci were not about to change their story and admit they were wrong if they can even see through the wool their wrong.

Thus we are left with roaming testing for HIV vans that park in front of gay bars but don’t park in front of exclusive straight restaurant bars in front of the Hyatt even though “HIV infects both straight and gay” and there are 9 times more straights than gays.

Gays were wooled.