The show came back for one season and with the atomic power of one mere Tweet it is gone! Kapow!

Roseanne was on Ambian, a sleeping AID and on Twitter (bad combo – never take Twitter and Ambian together) and posted some comment about Muslims and monkeys would create a baby referring to one of the top officials in the White House.

Now if this was referring to a Caucasoid this would be Acceptable Racism (AR) but it was not, it was referring to a Negroid, Valerie Jarret.

ABC cancelled the show. Barr apologized for saying something funny, or, for some a bad joke.

Today in America bad jokes are worse than shit on a stick.They end careers for thousands of people. Americans eyeballs made the comeback of Roseanne #1 and they within nano seconds made it disappear in front of their own eyes!

Americans are schitzo.

Note how there is no firestorm for the millions of tweets that routinely appear online that are racist.

This joke reflects the color of humor often used by black comedians against whites, which is entirely racist, or just a fucking joke stupid.

Inferring that someone is a Muslim monkey is not even remotely racist.

Monkeys are not Negroids. Monkeys are not Caucasoids.

Monkeys are STHA’s (Smarter Than Humans Apparently).

So how is it that humans can create something incredible and in one moment destroy it?

That’s what apes do, and all races and religions were a part of it from what my monkey said.

Feature image of primate scratching head over Roseanne comeback series cancellation by Pixabay. Twitter snapshot of racist tweet found on Fox News article about Roseanne’s tweet and cancellation here.