Seems we finally got to the point I have been looking to see for decades now, where we are seeing those TV commercials for lawsuits that looking for people who have been injured and need an attorney, this time instead of car accidents, it’s due to HIV and AIDS medications.

Yes that’s right, HIV and AIDS medications caused injury.

HIV and AIDS medications have been injuring people for decades, many people know this, but proving it in the courts is another matter, but it’s finally there, real lawsuits. This one is only because the company that makes the drug made false claims, knowing that their drugs caused serious side effects. Other companies protect themselves by disclaiming that their drugs should not be used to treat HIV and AIDS in the fine print that no one bothers to study.

Now that it’s on TV it will be considered real, legitimate. TV is always so truthful.

I expect to see more of these in the near future and a community that will start shaking their heads asking “How could we have been deceived?”

Better question to ask is “How come I never believed those who tried to warn me?” and “How could I not have read everything on related to this Massive Medical Mess (MMM)?”


That’s “TDF lawsuit” not “TDFLQWERTYGLBTAL awsuit”.

Therese drugs are listed on the lawsuit site: Truvada, Viread, Atripla, Complera, Stribild

Feature image is a snapshot from the lawsuit website at as of May 31, 2018 at 1:31 pm pt.