It’s the typical double standard. Women should be mad. They should be standing up for Roseanne.


It’s find for men and women to trash a man but when a woman trashes a woman, the claws come out swinging.

Note that Trump, way before he was President, when he had his Apprentice TV show, and was just a popular personality, Bill Maher called him an orangutan which is a member of the monkey family.

Roseanne is being destroyed for making an alleged “racist joke” against Valerie Jarrett. Valerie doesn’t even look like a “black” person but her revived TV show “Roseanne” has been axed faster than one can say “.”.

Comedians and comediennes are constantly making fun of other public persons.

Maher’s show was never cancelled for referring to Trump as an “ape”.

Somehow it’s OK for when women comediennes make a vulgar comment for them to be treated different, more poorly, in this case, where it’s gone to the extreme.

Even Roseanne’s “daughter” on the show Sarah Gilbert threw her under the bus, and mack truck that rolled right behind.

Notice I said “vulgar comment”. When people refer to whites or blacks, that is racist. Why are so many people racist?

They should not even be calling anyone white or black, to do so is the very definition of racism.

Again, Roseanne a female makes a stupid joke, while drunk, hell explodes, and Bill a male makes an ape joke in bad taste, still makes bad jokes and gets paid for them.

Someone let me know when the MOO TOO movement gets a hold of this concept and treats heifers and orangutans equally.