Media attention on the Roseanne Barr controversy is all crap.

They are all quick to adopt the idea that she’s a racist, they don’t care about the truth, all they care about is creating drama.


And such is life in America.

Joe Rogan knows her, spoke with her, stated that she thought Valerie Jared where she made a joke at 2 am posted on Twitter using a reference to an ape was also when she was drunk and taking Ambien which has many reports of making people do things that are either not recollected or odd.

Roseanne might have cried a lot this last week taking responsibility for her actions but she really should not. It’s not her fault that bandwagons are stupid nor it it her fault that people are more interested in the latest greatest drama and not interested in knowing the facts.

Here is an official White House photo of Valerie Jarrett. Tell me she looks black and not a slightly tanned woman. Look at her nose. That’s not a typical nose of a Negroid. Nor is the hair. Nor does she look like an ape, or an orangutan as many a liberal has called Trump before and after being president. Bill Maher did not lose his show because he called Trump an ape nor was there any outcry.

By Joyce N. Boghosian (White House photographer) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Most Negroids have tight nappy hair. This hair looks very Caucasoid.

It’s interesting to note how the hyper sensitivity that is being created about race in our new millennium has destroyed an incredible show on television that was #1 in ratings. America can’t distinguish reality anymore they watch so much crap on television.

Roseanne is innocent but the bandwagon will never change. It will continue to claim that Roseanne is racist yet she’s so far from that.

The bandwagon did the same thing to a harmless retrovirus. Drama took hold and it used terror and fear and garbage science to promote an idea that a nano object could destroy something 500 billion million cotillion zillion times it’s size and be transferred by the human penis and hypodermic needles attached to humans while at the same time telling us that it’s impossible for it to be transferred by hypodermic needles attached to the mouths of bugs.

It’s so incredibly stupid and defies the most basic of logic to believe it yet it’s embedded in the human mind of the majority of people now, and who brought it all to you?


Feature image by Tookapic