It’s a great day in the gayborhood. Your religious rights to discriminate are upheld.

The Supremee Deemee Court of the United States ruled that the Colorado cake maker who REFUSED to decorate a custom cake for a gay couple was within his constitutional rights to refuse. He has that right, as long as it’s against one’s religion, a sincere religious and belief and conviction. That means gay bakers also have that right, that is, as long as it’s a sincere held religious belief against creating special things of art on a cake for straight couples. If it’s a hissy fit conviction, common in the LGBTWOAIR community that won’t work.

I’m sure all the gay rags are having a fit but like I have repeatedly said since the beginning of this hissy fit that started 5 years ago, it’s not fair to force a Christian to make a gay cake anymore than to force a Christian to give you a blow job.

“Nah nah, he don’t have to make that gay wedding cake or pay fines” might be the thoughts of that Colorado cake baker.

Tolerance guys. Tolerance. LGBTolerance. That’s what the T means.

Ruling reference: Fox News

feature image by Splitshire