So many liberals are against “the wall” that Trump is building in key points between every country south of our border and ours yet when their superstar singer’s build them it’s well understood of the need.

Taylor Swift Home is adding a 2nd wall to beef up the walls between her and her home and the rest of the world which contains evil doers that would try to break in, going up another 5 feet for this second wall to be up to 14 feet high!

She’s said, like Trump, that there are very bad people outside her home to be protected from.

That is evil. How dare she lump everyone into that evil category. It’s like what Trump said about bad people south of our border.

Libtards take his statement he made once as a generalization meant to describe certain people not everyone there and pound away with the claim that he’s racist, much like how all the media hucksters and retards who don’t study a thing are now using Roseanne’s non-racist Tweet as a ping pong ball of news.

Roseanne did not know that the person she made fun of was Negroid, the thought she was Caucazoid, so that particular joke cannot be racist, but no one cares in medias and bandwagons and ill gotten intentions.

Feature image by Ghost Presenter