There are so many stabbings and slashings and there is no call for knife control. Just take a look at this snapshot of the New York Post article on one of these bad scenarios, it’s about a horrific slashing of a man’s throat after he had oral sex performed on him.

Where’s Hogg? I don’t see the famous teen calling for knife control. No one’s interested in knife control or rock control or stupidity control so they don’t form inane protests on those matters of control, instead they do “die ins” at supermarkets in Florida. The “die in” was held IN THE AISLES OF A FRIGGIN SUPERMARKET. Publix was forced into the gun controversy for the company merely supporting a Republican congressman. It’s narcissistic activism.

Then there’s the dude that stabbed his ex boss at a fitness center. He used a hatchet. It’s called stabbing when they use a hatchet. A hatchet is used to chop wood. They are sold at Home Depot and hardware stores. Oh wait, soon they will stop selling them to anyone under 21, that in response to a few more logically minded activists that will see the absurdity of having “controls” on one thing and not the other. The hatchet killing was done allegedly by a man over 21. Hactivists will parade around acclaiming themselves. They are so fucking full of shit and themselves.

That is why Trump got elected.

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